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Shaky Hands: Type, Process of Treatment

Shaky Hands: Type, Process of Treatment - Dr PR Bhuyan

  • 2024-07-01
  • Dr. PR Bhuyan

Shaky Hands: Type, Process of Treatment

Tremors/ Shaky hands can make every moment of your life very difficult. Consulting a neurologist will help you recover from this disease. You can get in touch with Dr. PR Bhuyan for a speedy recovery. He is the best neurologist in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

Tremors are uncontrolled muscle movements that can affect different parts of the body. Hand tremors can make daily activities challenging and it affects millions of people in the US. Disease can be caused by different factors, from temporary to severe health-related problems. It's essential to consult top neurologists to overcome shaky hands. This blog will help you to know the types and causes of shaky hands.

Types of Shakey Hands:

Shaky hands can be classified into multiple types based on their characteristics and causes.

  • Essential Tremors:

    Essential tremor is a usually occurring and hereditary condition that mainly affects the hands it can also affect other body parts.

  • Postural tremors:

    Postural tremor happens when trying to hold a position against gravity, while kinetic tremor occurs during this time of voluntary movement.

  • Intention tremors:

    Intention tremor is a kinetic tremor activated by proceeding towards a target, often linked to cerebellum damage, affecting movement coordination.

  • Resting Tremors:

    Resting tremor,usually linked to Parkinson's disease, occurs when a body part is at rest and not actively moving, and can either reduce or disappear during voluntary movement.

    It's essential to know that it may be possible for someone to have multiple types of tremors and not just one.

Reasons for shaky hands:

The main reasons for shaky hands Due to different factors, it's important to know the main reason for shaky hands.

  • Parkinson's disease:

    Parkinson's is a neurology-related disease that affects the whole body. This disease can be the main reason for shaky hands, and the symptoms can be stiffness and slow body movement.

  • Stress:

    Stress and depression can be the main causes of shaky hands. It may be overcome physically by building good connections with others and with the help of regular exercise and meditation.

  • Neurological Disorder:

    Different neurological situations, like multiple sclerosis or stroke, maybe the reason for shaky hands.

  • Alcohol Withdrawl:

    Shaky hands can be the reason for alcohol withdrawal. If the individual is using alcohol, it may lead to tremors.

Treatment for shaky hands:

Shaky hands or tremors can be controlled with the help of effective treatment or surgery. You can consult Dr. PR Bhuyan to overcome this disease. He is the top neurology doctor in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Through this treatment, he provides proper care, which will reduce the symptoms of this disease.

Tips to Control Shaky Hands:

Shaky hands can be challenging in your life and life-threatening, but controlling and treating them at home can be challenging. Some natural remedies, such as exercise and diet, can help you overcome these issues.

Regular Exercise:

Regular exercise, yoga, meditation, and good sleep will help you overcome tremors. After doing regular exercise, your health condition will improve.


To overcome tremors, fruits and vegetables, cereals, and all these foods will reduce these symptoms.


To decrease the symptoms of shaky hands, vitamins B12, B6, and B1 are effective. It will enhance the function of the body.

If you are someone suffering from shaky hands, it's the right time to consult a neurologist.

During the early stages of your life, The most trusted doctor, like PR Bhuyan, is dedicated to giving excellent treatment. Take the first step towards a healthy life.